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Carlo Dapuzzo

Carlo Dapuzzo

General Partner

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Carlo Dapuzzo

Carlo Dapuzzo joined monashees in 2005. He focuses on marketplaces, and has been an early partner to companies like 99 (acquired by DiDi), DogHero (PetLove), Elo7 (Etsy), Flaner (Gympass), GetNinjas (Public), Meemo (Coinbase), Frubana, Inventa, Kovi, Loggi, Rappi, and Vammo.

⁠Prior to monashees, he worked as a management consultant at the Monitor Group.

⁠Carlo is from Rio Grande, Brazil. He holds an MBA from Stanford and a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Poli-USP, with a one-year scholarship at McGill University.

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