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Guto Araujo

Guto Araujo

General Partner

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Guto Araujo

Guto Araujo is an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist who joined monashees in 2021, focusing on consumer-oriented, marketplaces, and B2B SaaS companies. He also leads monashees’ Network Services, the firm’s platform for operational support to portfolio companies.

⁠He works closely with companies such as BHub, Estante Mágica, Farmu, Flash, Flieber, Liti and Yuca.

⁠Before joining monashees, Guto was an entrepreneur with Elo7, a Brazilian marketplace for handmade and custom-ordered products backed by monashees and later acquired by Etsy. Earlier in his career, he held product and general management roles at Yahoo and DivX.

⁠Born and raised in Brazil, Guto lives in the US with his wife and kids. He studied Computer Engineering at University of Campinas-UNICAMP, Communications at University of São Paulo-USP, and has an MBA from Kellogg. In 2023, he became a Kauffman Fellow.

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