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Simone Abate Carvalho

Simone Abate Carvalho

EA & Office Manager

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Simone Abate Carvalho

Simone Abate Carvalho joined monashees in 2024 and currently serves as Executive Assistant and Office Manager of both the São Paulo and Mexico City offices. In this role, she provides administrative and organizational support, streamlining processes and optimizing day-to-day tasks to enhance efficiency.

⁠Before joining monashees, Simone, with over 20 years of professional experience, worked with C-level executives at leading financial institutions and multinational corporations. These include Lexington Partners, G5 Partners, Klabin Irmãos & Cia, Tarpon, and Philips.

⁠Simone is from São Paulo, Brazil. She holds a degree in Languages and Translation (Portuguese, English, and Spanish) from PUC-SP and is currently completing a degree in Psychology.

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