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William Mimassi Pedroso

William Mimassi Pedroso

Partner, Operations and Investor Relations

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William Mimassi Pedroso

William Mimassi Pedroso joined monashees in 2020 and currently leads both the Operations and Investor Relations functions.

In his role, he is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of monashees and providing financial and operational oversight for the firm. William also dedicates a significant amount of his time to monashees' Limited Partners, serving as the firm's main point of contact for global investor relations.

Before joining monashees, William had a diverse professional background, transitioning from a lawyer to a CFO in Brazil and China. He has worked at RenovaBR, Somos Educação, Fosun International, and Pinheiro Guimarães Advogados.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, William holds a bachelor's degree in law with honors from the University of São Paulo. Additionally, he participated in a foreign exchange program at Sciences-Po, Paris.

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